Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Apple scam from Canada

There was a problem account information!
As part of our Security Agreement we have disabled your AppIe ID.
Please review all the personal and security information in your account. You can re-active your account by following instructions.
If we do not hear from you within 48 hours, your iCloud will be suspended and any saved accounts and information will be lost!
We apologise for the inconvenience and hope to hear from you soon.

This site can’t be reached

a73dc88164909ceb49353135c81b5f8c.com’s server DNS address could not be found.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Carla's Dreams - Frica | Official Video

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

CSS3 code FlexBox Container

   display: -webkit-flex;
   display: flex;
   padding: 10px 10px 10px 10px;
   -webkit-flex-direction: row;
   flex-direction: row;
   -webkit-flex-wrap: nowrap;
   flex-wrap: nowrap;
   -webkit-justify-content: space-around;
   justify-content: space-around;
   -webkit-align-items: center;
   align-items: center;
   -webkit-align-content: flex-start;
   align-content: flex-start;
   background-color: transparent;
   background-image: none;
   border: 0px #CCCCCC solid;
   -webkit-box-sizing: border-box;
   -moz-box-sizing: border-box;
   box-sizing: border-box;

Ikoula - bad review, bad ranking

- Ranked 3822nd out of 3961 Web hostings
- https://hostadvice.com/hosting-company/ikoula-reviews/

Friday, November 10, 2017

deliciu - Dictionar de sinonime


Monday, November 6, 2017

Apple spam

I received this email:
Dear Customer xxxx@yyahoo.com.
Your account has login with different ip please login to verify your account now, if you do not verify now your account will we lock within 24 hours.
Login Detail :
Date/Time      : 06 November 2017 - 07.15 (GMT)
IP/Country     : (Singapore)
Browser        : Safari
Secure my account
To continue enjoy our service, please update your account informations and we will validate your account. We will unlock your account when we finish your account validation.
Thank you,
Apple Customers Support Service.

Links in the email:
  • http://ow.ly/f17D30gotQz
  • https://appleid.applecom.tesdongs.com/Login.php?sslchannel=true&sessionid=UKU1KulrqXUU7eAjQwXXl47Ez5w4F6gzQaBBFW36TX01cAk27iZsm77WdD0SKgsBr3c60gcTddUpOfrV

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Bad experience with hosting company Ikoula

My website is suspended starting on 13 October 2017.
My website was already suspended when I received the following email:
 We saw many PHP processes coming from your host dictoo.eu (check attachment)?
 It seems there is a problem with the usage of your dictionar.php script (BUFFER OVERFLOW).
 Can you please check that?

My website is a dictionary and the traffic was almost similar to 2016 traffic.
My plan was IKPro and I used maximum 10% of the resources allocated to this plan, or maybe less.
I decided to terminate the services with them on 18 October, and I still for an answer. 
I transferred my website to a new ISP and I redirected my old website.