Tuesday, January 22, 2019

My (good/bad) experience with EZOIC

I would like to share my experience with Ezoic. 
No matter how, I wanted to use their ad system.
So I created an account and then things became complicated.
I wanted to integrate the Ezoic code through a Javascript script, but it was not possible. 

I received an email asking me to change DNS. I can say I was pushed to use that.
I hesitated, then I changed the server name. 

The next day, my site was gone. 
I changed the server name again using the default value. Nothing! I had to contact the ISP to see what was happening there. I spent a day before I put the site in order.
I quit Ezoic for this site and I decided to integrate the site using an alias and another ISP.
Things went better and the change of server names was quite easy.
The site went into full Ezoic mode for two days. But I started having problems accessing the site. A CAPTCHA message appears. Google sent me a message that it can not access my site. I quit the EZOIC server name again and return to the original setting.
Then, after other email discussions, I received a list of 20 pages of email addresses for whitelisting, I said STOP. More than 2 weeks have passed and I have not yet been able to integrate my site with EZOIC. A process that was supposed to last for 1 minute.


Other problems with Ezoic integration

1 minute integration
Some reports

Chantage (Blackmail)

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Whois hokagestore.com

Mailing Address: , Omsk RU
ViewDNS.info > Tools >

Reverse IP Lookup

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Domain / IP:
Reverse IP results for hokagestore.com (

There are 2 domains hosted on this server.
The complete listing of these is below:

DomainLast Resolved Date